Mon, Nov 8th, 2021

Granny Cool

When Doreen sent us an enquiry I was onboard straightaway! Peahen has naturally found a path of publishing books that raise awareness of issues and I strongly believe books and stories pave the way for us to talk about things with children. Doreen was inspired to write Granny Cool to create storybooks in which mixed heritage children, like her own, can see themselves reflected. Doreen also struggled to find books representing modern-day grandparents. So many grandparents are young(ish), dynamic and 'cool' role models for their grandchildren yet many stories still seem to portray a very stereotypical image of grannies. So, Doreen created her own version to help other families like hers feel connected and to share the joy of stories together. Grannies can be cool!

Granny Cool captures the everyday joy of grand-parenting in a beautifully presented children's picture book. This 32-page illustrated paperback is an engaging read for little ones and grown-ups alike. The heart-warming story depicts how through shared activities on a coastal holiday at granny's house, two young children deepen the bond between grandchildren and grandparents while also learning more about their amazingly cool granny! 

There is humour throughout, brought to life with Kate Davies' wonderful art. Look out for the spider hidden in the story (Doreen is scared of spiders!) and Grandad being cheeky in the story.

To find out more, visit Doreen's website:

"Carly at Peahen Publishing has been simply fantastic. I have been wanting to get my grandma's stories that she wrote us as kids published for so long, but never really knew where to start. Carly made the whole process so easy and enjoyable; the end result is just stunning & has made our whole family so happy. Thank you so much!"

Zoe McGinn
The Adventures of the Ladybird Family