Tue, Feb 22nd, 2022


When Peahen launched a competition with Elvis author Helen Brian, the theme was for children to write a story about 'kindness'. We were blown away with the entries but the winner's story had us all in tears. Seven-year-old Phoebe McNelis wrote such a beautiful story about her mum Charly's cancer diagnosis and the acts of kindess people showed them. The language is simplistic, as you'd expect from a young author, however it resonated with us all and the illustrations were bright and joyous.

We published Joe's Liver Transplant Story in 2018 which went on to win the Information for Children award run by the British Medical Association. This was a proud moment knowing a book could help families and gave me the idea of publishing 'Kindness' to help other families, like Phoebe's. 

Books are such a beautiful way of opening up conversations and we will keep on doing our best to bring other people's stories to life.

"Carly at Peahen Publishing has been simply fantastic. I have been wanting to get my grandma's stories that she wrote us as kids published for so long, but never really knew where to start. Carly made the whole process so easy and enjoyable; the end result is just stunning & has made our whole family so happy. Thank you so much!"

Zoe McGinn
The Adventures of the Ladybird Family