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Hannah and the Hollow Tree

Gaia, Mother of all Nature, is dying. Poisoned and polluted. But by whom?

Hannah, target of mythical assassins must make it to the safety of the Hollow Tree. Will she make it there alive? Is she the one to save Gaia from dying? If not, worlds will crumble ...

The first book in The Earth Chronicles by up-and-coming YA author, J. A. Browne

No. of Pages: 272
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1-9999016-5-3
Product Dimensions: 197mm x 132mm

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Available: https://jabrowne.com/shop/

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"Carly at Peahen Publishing has been simply fantastic. I have been wanting to get my grandma's stories that she wrote us as kids published for so long, but never really knew where to start. Carly made the whole process so easy and enjoyable; the end result is just stunning & has made our whole family so happy. Thank you so much!"

Zoe McGinn
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